The Turtle Aquarium

The Turtle Aquarium

Welcome to the turtle aquarium. This site is dedicated to everything you need to know to set up and have your very own turtle aquarium. On this site we cover all the basic things you need to know to run a turtle aquarium as well as looking at general information about the majestic turtle.

Main points covered

  • How to set up your turtle aquarium
  • What species of turtle to pick to inhabit your turtle aquarium
  • What to feed your pet turtles to make sure they have the best diet
  • What other accessories your turtle aquarium might need
  • What to do if you want to breed your turtles
  • Other general turtle information

We hope that this site will need to be the only source of turtle information you need.


Sea turtles are majestic creatures that inhabit the many oceans of the world. Turtles are characterized by the big shells which they have which cover their backs. Turtles are a incredibly long lived species with many species of turtle living to a ripe old age.

Many species of turtles are kept as pets. The most popular and common pet turtle species is the red eared slider.

The turtles diet depends largely on the area in which the turtle habitats. Many turtles feed on the aquatic plants while also eating small sea creatures such as sea snails, insects and small worms. Generally turtles become more vegetarian as they get older. With younger turtles being incredibly carnivorous as protein is very important to turtle growth.

While spending the majority of their lives underwater, all sea turtles actually breathe air, and so need to surface to breathe at regular intervals to refill their lungs. Some species of turtle spend large amounts of their lives on dry land.

Turtles are held to be reasonably intelligent and are believed to be social animals.

Sea Turtles